A Charter School for Your Community

The Mississippi Charter Schools Association (MCSA) drives the development and growth of high-quality public charter schools through school support, advocacy, and outreach. We envision that every Mississippi child has access to a globally competitive public education. To establish this vision, MCSA recognizes that founding teams and Boards of Directors of public charter schools need assistance when developing their schools. MCSA will support the development of new schools by providing founding teams with technical support and access to national best practices and resources regarding charter school development. As Mississippi’s charter school law took effect July 1, 2013, we recognize that the charter school sector is brand-new to Mississippi, and therefore there are not many resources available in-state. The Mississippi Charter Schools Association seeks to fill that gap and ensure new charter schools will be successful long before their students ever walk through their doors.


The success of a group’s charter school application will depend entirely upon the efforts of the founding team and their responsiveness to the needs of their community and to the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board. Founding team members are expected to take full responsibility for all aspects of their application, including completeness and quality. MCSA will assist in the new school development efforts of the founding team, but will not lead these efforts. To ensure the development of high-quality schools, the founding team and Board of Directors must own every part of the application and new school development process.

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The Mississippi Charter Schools Association does not currently provide application support for prospective charter school operators.

If you are interested in starting a charter school, please review the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board's website at charterschoolboard.ms.gov. Mississippi First's website also contains information at mississippifirst.org

Should applicant support become available, we will update this website with the appropriate contact information.