Mississippi Charter Schools Association


Mississippi Charter Schools Association drives the development and growth of high-quality public charter schools through school support, advocacy, and outreach.


We envision that every Mississippi child has access to a globally competitive public education.

MCSA Value Statements

  • Accountability – Just as a high-quality charter school will be held accountable for superior results, we will hold ourselves, school leadership, policymakers and other stakeholders accountable for ensuring quality.
  • Responsiveness – We believe that it is a privilege to respond to the needs of MCSA members, stakeholders, and communities.
  • Transparency – We expect that transparency in our work and in the charter school sector will lead to openness and trust in the broader public education community.
  • Quality – We are committed to supporting the development of quality public charter schools in the state. We believe that charters must not only provide options for families, but that these options must perform better than comparable public schools. 
  • Researched and Documented Approaches – We will learn from quality, national research – positive or negative – and this research will direct our work.
  • Local Support – We recognize that local support and community buy-in is critical to the success of a public charter school. Thus, we will respect the community throughout the process of obtaining a better public school option.
  • Mission-Focused – We are focused on driving the development and growth of high-quality public charter schools in Mississippi through school support, advocacy, and outreach. Every decision must further our vision of ensuring that every Mississippi child will have access to a globally competitive public education.
  • Diverse Representation – We value diverse mindsets, skillsets, and backgrounds, in our organization and in the charter school sector. We know homogeneity will not solve as diverse a problem as educational inequity.
  • Partnerships – We are committed to developing meaningful, working relationships with a variety of diverse stakeholders to further our mission and vision.

Board Members

  • Rachel Canter,
    Executive Director, Mississippi First
  • Kimberly Smith-Russ 

  • Ben Moncrief,
    Vice President of Governmental Relations, C Spire
  • Forest Thigpen 

  • Lee Ann Mayo,
    Vice-President, Government Relations and Communications, Capitol Resources
  • Todd Ziebarth,
    Senior Vice President, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • Nic Lott,
    Director of Special Compliance Operations, Mississippi Development Authority